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Worn tyres can cause a fatal accident

Defective car tyres costing lives

Ennis and Clare motorists are being advised to check their car or vehicle tyres monthly, as a Road Safety Authority report identifies defective tyres, including low tyre pressure, as a very significant factor in road deaths.

Defective tyres are one of the most significant factors causing road fatalities, according to Ennis Fine Gael councillor, Johnny Flynn. A former chief fire officer, he said improving awareness around safety on our roads is an ongoing priority.

The RSA report shows that vehicle factors played a role in one in eight fatal collisions during the period between 2008 and 2012. Defective tyres represented almost two thirds of the vehicle factors identified. The recently published report is the first of its kind to be launched in Ireland, and it analyses An Garda Síochána’s Forensic Collision Investigation reports.

According to Councillor Flynn, “This report paints a stark picture of the causes of road fatalities in Ireland. In a four-year period between 2008 and 2012, 983 fatal collisions occurred on our roads, claiming the lives of 1,077 people. The lives of over 1,000 families are shattered as a result.

“This Forensic Collision report proves just how important it is that every aspect of a vehicle, whether a car, truck, van or motorcycle, is in proper, roadworthy condition. None of us can predict what will happen when we use the roads, but we can take personal responsibility for ensuring our vehicle is properly maintained.

“This report also found that over half (51.5%) of the tyres on the 66 vehicles involved in fatal collisions with defective tyres were excessively or dangerously worn and 10.6% were underinflated, some dangerously low. Six percent were a combination of excessively worn, under-inflated or the wrong size. “I would advise Ennis and Clare motorists to get their tyres checked regularly at Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) and SIMI-registered garages and give themselves the peace of mind that their tyres are roadworthy. Experts recommend getting tyres checked once a month.

“When purchasing tyres, invest in tyres that will last. Tyres are the only part of your vehicle that keep you in contact with the road so it is critical that they are in roadworthy condition at all times. To date this year, 43 people have been killed on Irish roads. This is an increase of five road deaths on the same period last year.

“Let’s do all we can to be as safe as we can on our roads. All motorists have a responsibility to themselves, other motorists, passengers and pedestrians to make sure that every journey is a safe one.”

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