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Davy Fitzgerald

Davy stands up to cyber bullies

CYBER bullying is the “most cowardly assault” on young people, Davy Fitzgerald has claimed, while he called for the Irish Government to take the lead on stamping it out.

Addressing 300 transition-year students at the Shannon Foynes Company Compass Transition Year Schools Competition final on Friday, the new Wexford manager said that one of the most effective ways of bringing cyber bullying to an end would be to shut down internet anonymity.

Fitzgerald, who spoke openly about bullying after Clare’s 2013 All-Ireland win, said, “I have a particular concern about teenagers and cyber bullying, and bullying in general. I have no problem in saying it; it sickens me to the core. The cowardly way that cyber bullies hide on anonymous forums is appalling. These are faceless people saying the nastiest things about young people and not caring at all what the effects are.Why would you make fun of someone? Why would you laugh at someone? No one is perfect, we all have our flaws. No matter what you come from or where you come from, you are all worth the same in life.”

He was making his comments at the competition final, which was won by Salesians College of Pallaskenry, while St Patrick’s Comprehensive of Shannon was one of the finalists.

The former goalkeeper urged young people affected by bullying to realise they are not alone.
“If you come across bullying and might feel you are alone, you are not. Just talk to someone. And remember; there will be better days ahead, without a shadow of a doubt.

“The other thing that absolutely happens is that our Government does all it can to bring an end to people being able to post these messages anonymously.

“If we can’t do it on our own, we need to get with other nations on it but it just can’t be allowed to continue.”

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