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Dates set for reopening of economy and society

IT is widely reported this afternoon that the Cabinet have agreed a timetable for the loosening of Covid-19 restrictions.
From May 10 restrictions on intercounty travel are set to be lifted, while hairdressers and barbers are likely to be allowed reopen at this point. Click and collect may also resume, but a more complete reopening of retail is not expected until later next month.
While juvenile sport is already back, it’s thought that training for adults in pods of 15 will be allowed to resume, while the numbers of people attending religious services will increase to 50.
It’s understood that non essential retail will resume on May 17, while on June 2 hospitality is set to resume, with hotels and B&Bs resuming. Pubs and restaurants are likely to be allowed to service customers outdoors from June 7, with a further loosening of restrictions in the weeks and months afterwards.