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Dangerous conditions for motorists

With widespread flooding on roads in many parts of the country, motorists are advised to heed the local authority warnings.

The RSA also has useful advice on their website.

People should avoid contact with floodwaters, which may be contaminated.
If it is necessary to walk through floodwater, use a stick or walking pole to test the ground under the water.

Do not enter flowing floodwaters – they may be deeper and faster flowing than they appear.

The public is reminded to avoid walking along riverbanks, which may be unsafe due to swollen rivers until it is safe to do so. They are also requested to heed any public warnings from the local authorities or local media outlets. People are further advised to follow local flood warnings issued through local authorities for more detailed information.

With strong winds and high seas expected over coming days, the Coast Guard advice to people remains the same – anybody who might visit coastal areas should take care. Their general safety message is, “Stay back, stay high and stay dry”.

Organisers of events planned for New Year’s Eve (Thursday), especially outdoor events, are asked to be aware of weather forecasts and local conditions. Where events go ahead, they should proceed with extreme caution, and organisers should make provisions for safety of participants and the public. Anyone planning or organising outdoor swimming events should inform the Irish Coast Guard of their plans.

Similarly, individuals or groups planning outdoor activities, such as hiking, over coming days should also be aware of weather forecasts and local conditions.

The public is asked to check on vulnerable neighbours during this period, and assist them with supplies of fuel, food, or medications.

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