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Criticism of traffic management

THERE was criticism of road markings and traffic management around Shannon Town Centre at the May meeting of the town council.

Councillor Cathy McCafferty put forward a motion asking for a report on traffic management and public safety at Sli Carra and other roads associated with SkyCourt.

She queried whether road marking including double yellow lines and the traffic light outside Shannon Business Centre are in compliance with conditions of planning permission. She also asked about the legal status of the double yellow lines on the road adjacent to Kincora apartments.

Councillor McCafferty asked if the Council had any responsibility for public safety on the roads and if the Council had any plans to take the roads in charge “as they are of strategic importance to the town of Shannon”.
In his written reply, senior executive engineer Eugene O’Shea stated, “The query in relation to planning permissions and conditions will be referred to the Council’s planning department.

“Sli Cara and other roads associated with SkyCourt are in private ownership and therefore Clare County Council has no responsibility in this matter. The Council has no plans and has never been requested by the owners to take these roads in charge.”

Councillor McCafferty said there is a lot of ignoring of double yellow lines. With regard to the traffic lights referred to, she say they are “not 10 yards from the junction” and that people often ignore the red light there”.

She said the long-term solution would be for the County Council to take the roads in charge as public roads.
Councillor Mary Brennan criticised the management group who, she said, “Think they are a law unto themselves.”

Labour’s Tony McMahon said that whether the roads are in public or private ownership certain standards should apply.

Independent Gerry Flynn said that at the moment the Town Centre is “dying on its feet”. He suggested writing to the gardaí to find out the status of the double yellow lines with regard to policing.

Councillor Greg Duff said that people are living with the consequences of bad planning. He said he didn’t think that private roads control access to the centre of any other towns.

Summing up, Councillor McCafferty suggested writing to both the County Council and the Town Centre management, regarding the roads being taken in charge.


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