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Councillors support closure of right of way

ANTI-social behaviour at the pathway to the rear of Tullyglass Crescent is causing a major problem for local people, this week’s meeting of Shannon Area Councillors heard and members expressed support for closing the right of way there.

At the meeting, Councillor Tony Mulcahy put forward a motion that the council “secure the pathway at the rear of Tullyglass Crescent, as it is causing great nuisance to residents in the area”.
In a written response, senior executive engineer Eugene O’Shea said there was a defined process had to be gone through before the right of way could be closed and he stated that the pathway had some local importance.
“The extinguishment of a public right of way is a reserved function and must follow a statutory process where notice is given of extinguishment in the local papers and the public are given the opportunity to make objections and representations. An oral hearing may be requested by any person making objections or representations as part of this process.
“This pathway is used by people in the area and provides pedestrian linkage between Tullyglass Crescent and Tullyglass Woods. Despite the poor state of repair of the wooden fence of an adjoining property and graffiti on part of the walls, I believe this pathway is beneficial in providing access to an amenity area.”
Councillor Mulcahy said he was still of the view that it should be closed. “I know there are statutory procedures but I think it needs to be closed. It’s a cause of great nuisance to some people living on the pathway and it’s an absolute nightmare for them.”
Councillor Gerry Flynn also said that residents have serious difficulties. “There are a lot of older people there and it’s a huge nuisance for them.”
Councillor Patricia McCarthy called for further discussion of the matter and said that while anti-social behaviour had to be tackled, another solution rather than closing the right of way would be preferable.
However, the remainder of the members backed closing the right of way and it was indicated that other rights of way may also need to be blocked.


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