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Council seeks more information on Shannon housing development

CLARE County Council has sought further information on a proposal for a 14-unit development at Dun Aras Avenue.

The planning application from Ballycasey Property Developments, was the target of a number of objections from residents of the area.

In a letter to the developer, the Council stated that it had “a number of concerns”.

The local authority pointed out that the pattern of development at the location is generally of low density style developments, with detached and semi-detached dwellings in the vicinity.

As such it had a concern regarding the number of terraced units proposed here relative to the pattern of development in the area and also the house size, amenity area and layout provided for these terraced units.

“In this regard it is considered that this element of the proposal (8-14) should be broken up to incorporate semi-detached units and/or the omission of some units. Please submit proposals in this regard.

“Whilst the constraints of the site area noted (proximity to N18, sound buffer area), and notwithstanding the dual aspect type design as employed in these dwellings, there is a concern that over time ancillary structures such as garden sheds, bin storage, household items etc may eroded the visual amenities at this location.

“In addition the incorporation of 1.8m rear walls around the dwelling houses, would not allow for passive surveillance of the public open space areas and there is a concern regarding the overall functionality of this aspect of the development.”

Regarding access it stated, “There is some concern that the proposed vehicular access may conflict with vehicular movements of the existing residents opposite in Dun Aras, due to the open plan layout of these developments and potential reversing movements. You are invited to comment on this issue and clarify if alternative access arrangements were examined as part of this proposal and submit details of same.

Concerns about the impact of noise on any future occupants, was also expressed.

Given the proximity of the site to the N18 and noting the noise levels recorded in the submitted noise survey, planners raised a concern “regarding the residential amenity of future occupiers of the dwelling houses”.

It also noted that the time that the noise survey was carried out (the weekend) may not be a true reflection of noise levels arising at the site.

“In addition it is noted that in order to achieve a reduction in noise levels, sound barrier is required to attenuate noise by 3dBA. Please clarify the exact type of barrier as proposed here and whether this will allow for the reduction in the noise level as required.”

The letter also expressed concern about the potential impact on local archaeology.

“It is noted that the proposal lies in proximity to several recorded monuments, CL051-176008 Burial, CL051-176001 Road, CL 051-176006 Enclosure and CL 051-176007 Enclosure.

“Due to the possibility that subsurface archaeological remains could be encountered during the construction phases, the applicant is required to engage the services of a suitably qualified archaeologist to carry out an archaeological impact assessment of the development site.

“The archaeologist shall inspect the development and carry out any relevant documentary research.

“As part of the assessment a programme of test excavation shall be carried out at locations chosen by the archaeologist (licensed under the National Monuments Act 1930-2004) having consulted the site drawings and the National Monument Service.

“Having completed the work, the archaeologist should submit a written report, including their recommendations to the Planning Authority and to the National Monuments Service in advance of the planning decision. Where archaeological material/features are shown to be present, preservation in situ, preservation by record (excavation) or monitoring may be required.”

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