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Community mediation service launched in Shannon

A community mediation service has been established in Shannon which will help people resolve their conflicts in a non-adversarial manner.

The new service, launched by Mayor of Shannon Greg Duff, will be provided by a panel of volunteers that have completed an extensive state-approved training under Tricia Hayes, a mediator and facilitator with a Masters in Conflict Resolution.

Ms Hayes has been a practitioner in this area since the early 90s and the course objective was to develop the essential core knowledge and skills essential to the practice of mediation.

Community mediation is to help parties involved in a dispute to reach an agreement acceptable to both sides.  The process starts when a pair of mediators talks to each party separately to hear their view on the situation.  Next the parties are brought together in a meeting at a neutral venue. The mediators will ensure that everyone is heard.

The benefits of mediation are that it is an independent and impartial service, there is no cost to the participants and the process is confidential. It provides for a quick solution and, most importantly, participants control the outcome.

At the launch in The Oakwood Arms Hotel, Mayor Duff stated, “I hope the people of Shannon and agencies such as Clarecare, Citizens Information Centre, Health Service Executive, An Garda Siochana and local authorities will use and support this new service.”

He added that one thing the mediators have in common “is a desire to help people resolve their conflicts in a non-adversarial manner”.

The medical service is based at The Shannon Family Resource Community Service and can be contacted on 097-1959101.

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