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Caption Info: Helena Slattery of Clare Youth Service, Keeva Borrmann and Phil Qian with Mary Howard at the Sustainable Fashion training in The Junction

Clare youths have designs on fashioning climate change response

YOUNG people with designs on helping to tackle the climate crisis are being offered a stylish opportunity in the Junction, Ennis which will see them set the trend for a more sustainable future.

Clothes production is a major contributor to excessive energy use and Clare Youth Service, with the assistance of Youth Work Ireland’s Climate Justice Fund and Councillor Mary Howard, are now in a position to offer training to young people in reducing carbon footprint through sustainable fashion techniques.

Having attended Sustainable Fashion workshops delivered by the Rediscovery Centre, CYS staff have rolled out programmes to young people at the Junction in Ennis as well as in Shannon.

Two Sustainable Fashion Projects were recently run in the Junction Youth and Community building in which 12 young people had the opportunity to learn more about the impact of fast fashion and the importance of sustainable fashion.

They acquired skills, knowledge and tools needed to upcycle, repair, alter and customize their own clothes.

Training and funding for the project came through YWI’s Climate Justice programme and Councillor Howard stepped in to sponsor the purchase of additional equipment and materials to help run the programmes. With the equipment in place, Clare Youth Service intend to run further programmes throughout the year.

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