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Man Of the Cloth....The Bishop of Killaloe Fintan Monahan launching the Clothes Line Champion 2020 at Westbourne. Photograph by John Kelly

Clare Sports Partnership Launches Search For 2020 Clare Clothesline Champion

Derrick Lynch

The Covid-19 restrictions have meant that many people have had to think outside the box as to how they maintain their daily exercise routines.

Online classes have become the new normal, while various clubs and organisations have been doing incredible charitable work by incorporating fundraising efforts into psychical activity.

The cohort of people in our society who have been most adversely affected in terms of the restrictions has arguably been our elderly, who have been forced to cocoon in the initial stages with many still opting to stay at home as they look to beat the virus. It has meant limited opportunities to stay active, but a new initiative from the Clare Sports Partnership is looking to change that with a challenge that can be completed at home.

Inclusion Officer James Murrihy explained: “Physical activity can take many guises but some people believe that they are not taking part in any form of physical activity unless they are working out in the gym morning, noon and night. The World Health Organisation’s definition of physical activity is, any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure. These last few weeks have been very difficult for many people but especially for the older adults in our community. Many have not left their homes, been isolated from family and friends and missing out on social interaction, fun and fitness. Now that restrictions have eased slightly, we would like to inject a little fun into your lives by inviting you to take part in a fun physical activity challenge where skeletal muscles will be used and plenty of energy will be expended, if only for a minute. We are looking for one male and one female to ‘peg the most socks on the clothes line in one minute’. There will be prizes for the ‘most pegged socks in one minute. We encourage all children to rope in their family members to find the Clare Clothesline Champion of 2020”.

One of the first to take up the challenge was Bishop of Killaloe Fintan Monahan who said he was delighted to lend his support to the initiative.

“It is something that is very positive and it is to be encouraged. The older generation have been cooped up in their homes for the last few months and it has been a tough time for them. They would not have had the opportunity to get any meaningful exercise, particularly those living in an urban setting who may not have a garden or places to walk at home. It has been a challenging time but in some ways it has been good in that it has given people time to stop and reflect and work out where their priorities lie. Family really is central and live does not have to be full of chasing around and meeting deadlines. On the other hand it has been really challenging in that is has curtailed human interaction along with a huge impact on the liturgy in terms of masses and funerals which is really sad to see. It really has been a mixture in that sense” he noted.

The rules of the Clothesline Challenge are that the clothes basket must be placed on the ground at all times, only one sock to be pegged at a time with one sock per peg. The time will start when the first sock is touched and ends at 60 seconds. It is open to men and woman who are aged 55 and over.

Contestants must video their attempt at the challenge and send it to cathy@claresports.ie before Friday June 5 at 4pm.

You can see how Bishop Fintan got on with the challenge below


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