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Clare Gardaí warn homeowners to protect their fuel supplies

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HOMEOWNERS are being warned to take precautions to ensure they are not victims of fuel theft during this cold spell. This comes after men were disturbed while trying to steal diesel from a tank at a farmyard in Liscannor earlier this month.
At 11.55pm on Friday, January 22 a man disturbed two others in his farmyard at Ardacra, Liscannor. “When they left he found a hose and the nozzle of his diesel tank on the ground which would indicate that they were going to syphon the diesel from the tank. Weather is very cold at the moment and home owners are ordering their home heating oil,” said Crime Prevention Officer Sergeant Triona Brooks.
She has issued advice to householders who wish to protect their fuel supply. “Place the tank as close to the house as regulations allow and in view of one or more windows. Try and ensure that the tank is not visible from the road to passing traffic,” she said.
Security lights or sensors can have a “very positive effect” and make property a much harder target for the thief.
“Invest in a good quality closed shackle padlock and fit it to the tank opening. A wooden or metal fence, trellis or wall can give significant protection to the tank and is probably the strongest method of making it hard for the thief to get at the tank. A metal or grill cage with a lockable access point across the top of this wall or fence can further improve security.” She concluded, “Remote oil level gauges are available which will set off an audible alarm when the oil level drops dramatically.”

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