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Clare Fire Service issues Christmas safety reminder

CLARE County Fire and Rescue Service is urging members of the public to remain fire safety aware during the Christmas period.

The fire service says the main causes of fire during the festive season are candles left unprotected, fairy lights left on all night or improperly wired, Christmas trees falling over, open fires without fireguards, and decorations catching fire.

“Christmas is a time for celebrating with families but it also is a time when extra fire hazards appear such as fairy lights, candles, open fires and decorations. I encourage householders across Clare to think about fire safety ahead of and during the Christmas period to avoid the risk of their Christmas being ruined,” Clare Chief Fire Officer Adrian Kelly said.

“Open fires are used for longer periods during the winter and Christmas period as people spend a lot more time at home. Electrical items and extension leads are also used more. Add in flammable decorations, candles and alcohol and it becomes apparent that the risks increase during the festive season,” he added.

It is suggested that people install a smoke alarm and check it weekly, never leave candles unattended or go to sleep when they are alight

and to make sure a Christmas tree has a good base or is attached to the wall.

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