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Cistercian College to host open day and ‘live-in experience’

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Cistercian College Roscrea is hosting an ‘Open Evening and Live-in Experience’ for prospective students and their families, on Friday September 30.

The “Live In” experience is open to boys who are interested in the College’s five- and seven-day boarding programmes for the 2023/24 and 2024/25 academic years and will provide the opportunity for an overnight stay to gain experience of what life is like for a boarder.

This opportunity is also available to those who are considering the day boarding option with these boys attending the Friday evening programme from 3pm to 7pm.

This year the College has welcomed its largest enrolment in over 20 years with upwards of 260 boys attending the college; 70% of these are five- or seven-day boarders.

The first-year cohort of 45 students shows continued growth with boys enrolling from around the country thanks to the College’s excellent location, facilities and transport links.

Cistercian College has boarding options to meet each family’s needs. The seven-day programme is the most fulfilling and flexible boarding option.

Boys have a full weekly schedule of academic, sporting and extracurricular programmes including weekend supervised study, sport, organised trips and more, with full flexibility for your son to go home at the weekend.

All seven-day boarders have leave weekends where the college is closed, enabling them to return home. These occur every two to three weeks.

The College’s weekly five-day boarding programme gives all the benefits of boarding life with weekends at home, hugely reducing daily travelling and food expenses.

Day boarders have access to attend school until 8pm. They can avail of a full after-school programme of activities, sport and study with the boys returning home after their homework is completed.

To register your attendance for the event, visit www.ccr.ie/september-2022-open-day email the Admissions team at admissions@ccr.ie or call (0505) 23344.

Learn more about Cistercian College at www.ccr.ie, on its Facebook page  Twitter profile  on LinkedIn  or on Instagram 

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