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Celebrating wearing the green and 60 years of marriage

Mary and Tony Mc Cormack at home in Shannon. Photograph by Declan MonaghanST Patrick’s Day marked the 60th wedding anniversary of Tony and Mary McCormack, who have been living in Shannon for the last 42 years.
Celebrations took place to mark the event and Mary said she had enjoyed their diamond anniversary. “We had the wedding in London and we’re here in Shannon for 42 years now. We celebrated on St Patrick’s Day and we had a lovely time. There were a good few people there, relations and friends.”
The couple have received an invitation to visit President Mary McAleese on March 31 and she sent them a letter and signed photograph in honour of the anniversary.
The two met at a céilí on the Holloway Road and after going out for three years, they got married.
Tony worked in a number of jobs but he still retains a fondness for Shannon company EI. “I really enjoyed working for EI. The pay wasn’t great but we were making a product that was saving lives and this meant an awful lot to me. The smoke alarms and C02 alarms are still going strong and I think EI deserve a lot of praise. After I retired, I went back and worked there on contract till I was 72.”
The couple say they still have their share of arguments and they laugh as they discuss them. “We have an odd one now and again, naturally. Of course, that’s part of life,” is Mary’s view. “It’s good for adrenaline, a good argument,” says Tony.
Tony also offers some advice for men when they find their wife in an argumentative mood. “If she starts arguing, she’s going to win anyway, so make yourself scarce. Go anywhere, pretend you’re doing some work and you’ll be alright,” he says, as both himself and Mary laugh.
Tony enjoys photography and enjoyed horseshoe pitching in his younger days. Mary enjoys gardening, while they both enjoy the same type of music. “We both like art of all description. We like music. If some tune comes on the radio and Mary liked it, I’d like it too. We both love a melody.”
The two also find their blood being stirred by rugby and they both joke about the effect the game has on each other.
“She loves the rugby, the big hulky men with muscles. She gets awful excited,” Tony says laughing. “You get worse,” Mary retorts. “You get red in the face with excitement,” she says also laughing.
The couple had four children, Eamon, Michael, Matthew and Celia and they now enjoy spending time with their grandchildren.
Parish priest Father Tom Ryan congratulated the couple on reaching the milestone. “They are one of the few couples that we have in Shannon that would be married for 60 years. They have been part of the community for over 40 years and we offer them our sincerest congratulations and wish them continued health and happiness,” he said.

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