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South Galway

A new voice for Gort

Gort is going global thanks to a new project in the town, which it is hoped, will bring the South Galway town to a new audience. It is not technically on the airwaves but Gort Local Radio is online. Broadcasting intermittently for the past few weeks, founder and volunteer Donal Hanlon believes South Galway needs its own voice. “This came about through a radio media production course that the VEC run in Gort. It is led by Sinead Morgan and I was on the course since last November. I approached Sinead and I told her I felt Gort needed a local radio station. There is no radio station between Clare FM and Galway Bay FM. They cover Gort but they are commercial radio stations. This is totally community based,” he explained. Community Radio Stations are owned and controlled by the communities they serve. “We like Connemara FM. It is a good community station and that is one of the standards …

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Kinvara rallies around fighter Ché

Kinvara recently hosted a family fun day to raise money for ‘Che Kinvara’. Sonja Luan Devine tells The Clare Champion about her son Che, community spirit and the importance of school. Che O’Grady is 11 years old. He loves stories. He loves DVDs. He loves school. Che also suffers from Cerebral Palsy. He is non verbal and has difficulties swallowing. Last week he returned to school after the summer holidays. Walking through the gates, Che found the piece of his life that had been missing since the end of June. “Every Summer my child progressively falls apart from the lack of routine and the lack of seeing his friends. Children with intellectual disabilities need routine to feel a sense of security. He is happy in a routine and when he loses that he slowly falls apart. He can have a meltdown. He sometimes flings himself on the ground and screams and shouts. In Lidl he does full circles of the …

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