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Meeting over historical cottage

THE future of Hastings Cottage was the item for discussion at a meeting held between representatives of Shannon Development, Clare County Council and Dúchas na Sionna, held last week.Hastings Cottage is a site of some historical interest, as it is shown on the 1840 Ordinance Survey map of the area and may have actually been built long before that.The map in question shows the cottage and outbuildings at the end of Slí na Mara, the only routeway into Tullyvarraga at that time.During the War of Independence, Brigadier General Lucas, a high-ranking British officer, was taken captive and imprisoned there. He was guarded by Major General Michael Brennan, who subsequently led the East Clare Brigade of the IRA.Greg Duff of Dúchas na Sionna said that there was likely to be a need for a change to zoning. “The council official representing the planning department explained that because Hastings Cottage is in the process of becoming a protected structure, any works to …

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Flynn looking for boycott of tunnel

THE Limerick Tunnel may be a huge addition to the Mid-West’s infrastructure but Shannon Councillor Gerry Flynn is calling for it to be boycotted in protest at the charges.The independent councillor is also calling for the public to fight against the imposition of a €6 charge at the Cliffs of Moher.Councillor Flynn claims the charge at the Limerick Tunnel is too much of a burden on already struggling people. “It’s absolutely crazy. People are already hard-pressed and now they’re being asked to pay another €1.80 for a car and €5.70 for a truck. It’s crazy stuff.”He said that the charges in Limerick are in contrast to the Jack Lynch tunnel in Cork, which is free to motorists.Councillor Flynn claimed that Clare people have suffered significant losses of services and that if they withhold money by not using the tunnel it might focus some attention on the county’s requirements. “It’s time that someone shouted stop, things have gone mad. Look at …

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Element Six one year on

JULY 22 of last year was an emotional day in Shannon as workers at Element Six were told that 370 of them were to lose their jobs.As it turned out, only around 160 jobs were ultimately lost but it has been a traumatic 12 months for many people who were hit by the fallout.Ruairí Price lost his job and has been out of work for a little over six months now.“To tell you the truth I’m glad to be out of it. I don’t have any regrets and I don’t miss the place,” he says.After being let go, he went back to work at Element Six for around three weeks on a temporary basis but he claims he is still waiting for part of his redundancy payment.He is still a bit uncertain about what the future will hold for him. While he has considered emigration, he is also looking at going to college.“I had a FÁS interview lately and I’ve …

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Volunteers at Belarussian orphanage

ROSIE Byrne has returned to Shannon after spending some time volunteering in a Belarussian orphanage. She travelled with her 18-year-old daughter, Ruth, and they had been due to go to Goradiche, which is supported by Shannon, as its Jubilee 2000 Parish Project.“When we were en route to Goradiche, we got a text to say that the orphanage there was closed to volunteers because of an infection so we were re-routed to another orphanage under the Burren Chernobyl umbrella, Cherven. We were based in Minsk and travelled there daily,” she says.Rosie had already been to Goradiche on four occasions and said that she was struck by the differences between it and Cherven.“I couldn’t help comparing the two orphanages. Cherven is a more modern building, it’s better equipped, so from that point of view it’s streets ahead of Goradiche but you still have kids who are in need of love and attention and they need loads of volunteers. Cherven wouldn’t have as …

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