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Sr Briege to lead parish mission

THE Shannon Parish Mission will take place this year from May 20 to 24 and it will be led by Sr Briege McKenna.Sister Briege is known around the world and parish priest Fr Tom Ryan said Shannon is very lucky to have her coming. “This year, 2013, our parish is the only one in Ireland that will have her for a parish mission. Prior to that, she will be in America and after Shannon, she’s going to Poland.”He outlines some of her background. “Briege McKenna was born in Armagh and as a teenager she joined the Poor Clare Sisters. She developed rheumatoid arthritis and her order sent her to their house in Florida so she would benefit from the heat there. At the age of 24, she was miraculously cured at the celebration of mass. Later on, she developed a ministry of healing and of caring, recognising the presence of the Eucharist, prayer and the sacrament of reconciliation. “She has …

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Intel Shannon record profits for 2011

ACCOUNTS filed with the Companies Office by Intel Shannon Ltd show it recorded pre-tax profits of well over US$5 million in 2011.The Director’s Report states there was an operating profit margin of 9.1% in 2011 compared to one of 9.0% the previous year. “The profit on ordinary activities before taxation amounted to US$5,421,647 compared to a profit of $4,194,961 in the previous year. After a credit to taxation of $30,606 (2010: charge of $217,373) a profit of $5,452,253 (2010: profit of $4,967,588) is transferred to reserves,” the report also stated.The profit on ordinary activities, multiplies by Ireland’s 12.5% rate of corporate tax came to $677,706.  The average number of people employed during the year was 217, five more than the previous year.More than three-quarters (173) of them were working in research and development, with the remaining 44 in management and administration, including sales and marketing.The company spent $19,368,760 on wages, almost $2.4m more than in 2010. There were also social …

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