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Damian ensures the band plays on in Shannon

DESPITE the obvious difficulties Damian O’Rourke has made great efforts over the last few years to develop local live music, and to give young people in Shannon an outlet, writes Owen Ryan. Last weekend he was involved with Busker’s Way, an initiative to play live music in the Town Centre, as festive shoppers made their purchases. “It’s something that we had going before Covid, but that kind of stopped it. When there was a bit of a break in that we got it going, but it stopped again,” said Damian, when he spoke to the Champion last Friday afternoon. “I spoke to the manager Brian, he wanted to do something coming up to Christmas so we got a few buskers for last Friday and Saturday.” At that time he was also preparing for a young people’s event to be held in the Town Centre on Wednesday, December 22. “We’ll have seven young musicians in one of the units in the …

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Hotel appeals 48-home project approval in Shannon

A DECISION by Clare County Council to grant planning permission for 48 houses in Shannon, has been appealed to An Bord Pleanála. Woodhaven Developments was granted planning permission for the Smithstown development, but an appeal has been submitted on behalf of Edward Keena, owner of the Oakwood Hotel. The document notes the site and wider landholding associated with the proposed masterplan area, essentially wraps around the rear of the Treacy’s Oakwood Hotel. “The hotel owner is not satisfied that sufficient consideration has been given to the extent to which the proposed development may impact on the operation and day to day running of the hotel with particular reference to the function room and noise impact.” The document added, “While not averse to development of the subject lands, the primary concern of the hotel owner is the potential for the proposed development to impact on the current operation of the hotel with particular reference to night time use and functions. “The …

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Shannon airport

Jet brakes caught fire after aborted take-off in Shannon

THE Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) has issued a report on an incident at Shannon on August 15 of 2019, in which a fire began in the landing gear of a Boeing 767-33A aircraft, writes Owen Ryan. Synopsising what had happened, the AAIU report says, “During the take-off roll on Runway (RWY) 24 at Shannon Airport (EINN), Ireland, the Commander heard an unusual noise and elected to reject the take-off. Following the rejected take-off, the aircraft was taxied to a holding area for brake cooling. “It was subsequently decided to return to the parking stand. During the taxi back to stand, Shannon ATC observed smoke and then a fire in the area of the left main landing gear. “Airport Fire and Rescue Service (AFRS) vehicles were deployed and the fire was extinguished. The passengers and crew evacuated the aircraft via emergency slides. One passenger sustained a minor injury during the evacuation.” It said that the incident was probably caused by …

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Green light for Zimmer expansion as firm gives out scholarships

ZIMMER BIOMET has been given planning permission for a new development which will see another 50 jobs created in Shannon. A planning statement accompanying the application said, “Due to the continued success and expansion of the Zimmer Biomet brand, the business leadership team have chosen to further invest and expand the infrastructure at their Ballycasey Beg facilities. This expansion shall serve to future proof the business and present a sustainable medium term development of the company’s assets, restating the business commitment to the sites and the Shannon community.” According to the application the current site “occupies an area of approximately 40,849 square metres with an existing building area of 11,143 square metres, associated yard manoeuvering areas and parking for approximately 122 cars. “ It says that the proposed development would have five parts: *An extension to the eastern elevation measuring 870 square metres to contain new Clean Rooms and Dispatch facilities. * A two storey extension to the northern elevation, …

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Mid-West TD criticised for ‘extraordinary comments’ on aviation

A LIMERICK TD who argued against supports for aviation during discussion of the Finance Bill 2021 has been severely criticised, given the crisis facing Shannon Airport, writes Owen Ryan. During the course of the debate Deputy Richard O’Donoghue said that “Significant incentives have been given to the aviation industry, which is carbon exempt.” He added that the sector ” enjoys a hefty €634 million tax break via exemptions relating to jet fuel. Airlines receive €2.4 billion through exemptions from excise duty, carbon tax and the National Oil Reserve Agency levy on fuel for commercial and international flights.” He said that “It would take a year for one acre of forestry to absorb the CO2 emissions produced by a one-way flight from Dublin to New York.” He also said that in 2019 the airline industry brought 38 million passenger through Irish airports, working out at half a tonne of carbon per passenger each way. Deputy O’Donoghue said that farmers in contrast …

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Medical emergency forces unscheduled landing at Shannon

A flight which took off from Shannon on Sunday morning bound for Lanzarote, had to turn back due to a medical emergency on board. The Ryanair flight left Shannon at 8.20am, but had to return and landed at Shannon again at 9.46am. Members of the Shannon Airport fire rescue service and the National Ambulance Service were on hand to meet the plane which landed safely at 9.46am. A passenger was transferred to University Hospital Limerick for treatment. The flight resumed its journey to Lanzarote at 10.55am.

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Shannon’s Adoration Chapel reopens after 19 months

FOR the first time since the pandemic struck, the Adoration Chapel in the Town Centre has reopened. Parish priest Father Arnold Rosney said that it had been a long spell of closure. “It has been closed since Covid started in March of 2020. We had no choice but to close it. “Even when the country reopened we weren’t in a position to reopen it because the room is quite small. Sadly we had to suspend morning mass there, which was upsetting for many people, but we had no choice.” He said it is great to be able to open the doors once again. “We’re thrilled to be able to open it today. What we’re doing is opening it from 2-5pm from Monday to Friday, for private prayer to begin with. Then, all going well, from December, we’re hoping to have Adoration resuming. “That would mean that people who were normally on the roster or new people, can sign up for …

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Toastmasters is again the talk of the town in Shannon

ZOOM kept the Shannon Toastmasters club running for 18 months, but its last few meetings have been in person once again, writes Owen Ryan. Of course the meetings now are quite different to the spring of 2020. “It’s a big change, we’re doing the same things, but we have to be conscious of social distancing so our chairs are more spread out and there’s mask wearing,” says President Maura Meaney. “You have to think of all that, but we have the same format of meetings.” The club meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month and Maura says the members adapted very quickly to the pandemic. “We went online straight away once the first lockdown came in. It was a big change for everybody, and it kept the club going and alive, but people were more than happy to go back to in person meetings. “There’s a better buzz about it, a better connection between people. Even just …

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