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Students tackle teenage depression

TRANSITION-year students at Coláiste Muire are taking the issue of adolescent depression into their own hands by coming up with coping and support strategies to combat the problem.The transition-year group opted to tackle the emotional issue of adolescent depression under the Young Social Innovators Programme, which transition-year students throughout the country participate in. “We hope to raise awareness throughout the school community and the wider local community about the issue of adolescent depression and importance of mental health for the youth. We are also aiming to support and help teenagers suffering from depression, in simple and accessible way,” Sinéad Collins, transition-year student at Coláiste Muire explained.The group identified adolescent depression as a serious concern across Ennis.“We also want to do what we can to help anyone suffering from depression by doing different things that show young people that they do not have to deal with their problems alone,” Amy Comerford added.The project began shortly after Christmas and will continue until …

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Three turn up to headshop protest

DESPITE an ongoing media focus on the ever-increasing number of headshops opening throughout the country, only three people turned up at a protest organised by Sinn Féin at the Harmonisation Headshop on Woodquay this week.All three protesters were involved in organising the protest and voiced their disappointment at the apparent complacency of the general public towards headshops.Seán Hayes of Ógra Sinn Féin said that they expected more people to join their protest. “We are disappointed that more people did not turn up. There is still a level of complacency and a lack of understanding about headshops and the products on sale in them and we want the risks highlighted so that people, including parents of teenagers and young adults, will be aware of what is available legally in shops nowadays,” Mr Hayes said.He believes that the matter is a “tragedy waiting to happen”. “It is only a matter of time before someone sustains a long-term effect or even dies from …

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