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Councillor accused of not being well informed

COUNCILLOR Paul O’Shea has been accused of not being “well informed” with a motion objecting to water charges, which lacked “credibility”.The councillor said at this week’s meeting of Ennis Town Council that the introduction of water meters to 1.1 million householders will be further bad news for Ennis families. “Not only will they now have to face water charges but it is also likely that they will be forced to pay for the installation of meters,” Councillor O’Shea said.He proposed that Ennis Town Council remain opposed to the re-introduction of domestic water charges.Councillor Peter Considine commented, “It is not well informed to say that people will have to pay for the installation of water meters. This motion lacks credibility. If someone comes up with a motion like this, they should come up with ways of meeting the costs. People will have to pay for what water they use, encouraging people to use water more carefully,” he commented.He continued, “I don’t …

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A commemorative plaque or a sculpture for abuse victims?

MEMBERS of Ennis Town Council are to meet with Bishop Willie Walsh to decide whether a memorial sculpture or a commemorative plaque is more appropriate as a means of paying respect to victims of abuse.The matter was raised by Councillor Paul O’Shea at a meeting of the town council this week. He was calling on the council to support the erection of a sculpture and his request sparked a heated “schoolboy” argument between him and Councillor Brian Meaney.Councillor Tommy Brennan said he had spoken to Bishop Walsh during the week and arising from his conversation with the bishop, he proposed that the council erect a commemorative plaque.Councillor Peter Considine supported this stating that Bishop Walsh was “more than willing” to do anything that would be deemed appropriate with regard to commemorating victims of abuse. “His generosity and Christian values are his downfall in some respects. He is very keen to have this done and is interested in acknowledging the national …

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Ennis walkers urged to support the Lions

ENNIS Lions Club is looking for the support of the community to raise funds to bring a group of elderly and disadvantaged people on holiday to Trabolgan in County Cork.They are organising a Walk with Lions to gather the money. “Every June, the Lions Club of Ennis participates in the Lions Club annual holiday for elderly and disadvantaged people in Trabolgan Holiday Centre, County Cork. This year, we will take 10 guests from Ennis and the surrounding area to Trabolgan on June 11, where they will enjoy a holiday for one week. All meals are provided with entertainment and a variety of activities to keep everyone occupied. As Trabolgan is by the sea, when the weather is fine, it is a huge bonus. There will also be opportunities for day trips to amenities and attractions in the area and in Cork City. Over 700 guests from all over Ireland will benefit from this holiday. Lions Club members volunteer their time …

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Works on bypass – a question of durability not safety says engineer

TRAFFIC management in place between the Killow East Roundabout and the Clareabbey Roundabout is to facilitate the removal of part of the embankment at that section of the Ennis bypass.Road works have been ongoing since early March, with traffic management in operation since the second week of April. Brian Eccles, acting project resident engineer for Clare County Council, explained that the work is to remove part of the embankment which was constructed during building of the bypass and replacing it with lightweight fill. “This work is in connection with the bridge repair on the River Fergus Bridge. It’s a durability issue rather than a safety matter. Neither the road or the bridge is sinking,” he explained.He added that road structures are designed for a life span of 120 years. “We did not want to face major remedial jobs in future. The road is built on a piled structure. It is built in a river valley and there are always difficult …

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Facebookers get to grips with Ballyalla Lake clean-up

LOCAL amenity, Ballyalla Lake received a much-needed clean-up at the weekend due to a Facebook campaign. Over 700 people joined the Facebook campaign calling for the site beside the lake to be cleaned up.The campaign was spearheaded by a local woman, Kiara O’Rourke, who said she knew something had to be done to improve the amenity because it was no longer a nice place to bring her children.Through Facebook, she linked up with hundreds of other Ennis people who wanted to clean up Ballyalla. On Sunday, she and others, who had joined the Facebook campaign, met up at Ballyalla Lake and collected refuse bags and barrels of rubbish. The aim of the campaign now is to keep the area clean and not to let as much rubbish as was there before the clean-up build up again. Ennis town councillor, Mary Howard, is also involved in the campaign as are a number of members of Clare Young Fine Gael, who took …

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Tributes paid to Aoner Sheridan

THE monthly meeting of Ennis Town Council was adjourned this Tuesday as a mark of respect to former town councillor Michael (Aoner) Sheridan, who died on April 22.Mr Sheridan served as a town councillor in Ennis continuously from 1967 to 1994. He was an Independent member of council.

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