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Naomi’s Electric Messenger

TALENTED Ennis artist Naomi Higgins has created a unique sculpture made out of old tyres for the annual Electric Picnic music festival in County Laois next weekend.The 11ft x 9ft Gaia’s Messenger weighs almost a tonne and has a wingspan of 15.5ft. It was made from 97 old inner tyre tubes on a base of salvaged steel and wire mesh. Naomi was commissioned by Bin Your Empties recycling company to submit a work made from recycled materials for the festival.She explained that the title comes from the Wiccan belief that the Earth is an intelligent, conscious, living organism, named Gaia, after the Greek goddess, who they believed created the universe. Naomi said she considers it to be an angel, which motivates people to think and care about the Earth. “The inspiration for the piece came from a news item regarding the burying of tyres and their subsequent damage to the environment. This led me to think about how the Earth …

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