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Hopes high for an end to headshop legal highs

FINE Gael Deputy Pat Breen is hoping that the ban on headshop products, announced by the Minister for Health and Children this week, will lead to the closure of the one remaining headshop in Ennis.He added that it is vitally important now that the new legislation banning substances with mood-altering effects sold in headshops will be followed by the introduction of a regular monitoring system of new products which may now be developed.It has been stated that by the Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern that the legislation will very likely close many headshops as most of the substances currently on sale in such premises have been found to contain psycho-altering components. The headshop, Harmonisation, off Parnell Street in Ennis was closed on Tuesday evening at 6.40pm and again on Wednesday morning at 11am and on Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm and 4pm. It remains to be seen if it will reopen for business.Deputy Breen commented, “I welcome the news that the …

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Councillor accused of not being well informed

COUNCILLOR Paul O’Shea has been accused of not being “well informed” with a motion objecting to water charges, which lacked “credibility”.The councillor said at this week’s meeting of Ennis Town Council that the introduction of water meters to 1.1 million householders will be further bad news for Ennis families. “Not only will they now have to face water charges but it is also likely that they will be forced to pay for the installation of meters,” Councillor O’Shea said.He proposed that Ennis Town Council remain opposed to the re-introduction of domestic water charges.Councillor Peter Considine commented, “It is not well informed to say that people will have to pay for the installation of water meters. This motion lacks credibility. If someone comes up with a motion like this, they should come up with ways of meeting the costs. People will have to pay for what water they use, encouraging people to use water more carefully,” he commented.He continued, “I don’t …

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A commemorative plaque or a sculpture for abuse victims?

MEMBERS of Ennis Town Council are to meet with Bishop Willie Walsh to decide whether a memorial sculpture or a commemorative plaque is more appropriate as a means of paying respect to victims of abuse.The matter was raised by Councillor Paul O’Shea at a meeting of the town council this week. He was calling on the council to support the erection of a sculpture and his request sparked a heated “schoolboy” argument between him and Councillor Brian Meaney.Councillor Tommy Brennan said he had spoken to Bishop Walsh during the week and arising from his conversation with the bishop, he proposed that the council erect a commemorative plaque.Councillor Peter Considine supported this stating that Bishop Walsh was “more than willing” to do anything that would be deemed appropriate with regard to commemorating victims of abuse. “His generosity and Christian values are his downfall in some respects. He is very keen to have this done and is interested in acknowledging the national …

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