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Shock awaits tipplers who urinate in Ennis lane

A NASTY electric shock awaits Ennis pub goers who decide to urinate on the doorway of a well-known music shop, a local businessman has warned.Fed up of removing foul-smelling urine, faeces and vomit outside Custy’s Traditional Music Shop in Cooke’s Lane every Monday morning for over three and a half years, proprietor John O’Connor insists that he is left with no option but to take radical action to safeguard his business.Mr O’Connor has installed a device that transmits a painful electric shock for men and women who decide to relieve themselves in the recessed entrance to his premises behind a posted sign on the wall stating, “electric current in operation, urinate at your own peril”.After building up a large number of local, national and international customers over the last 17 years, including his three-and-a-half year stint in Cooke’s Lane, Mr O’Connor is determined to protect his business in the middle of an economic downturn.The proprietor has also vowed to place …

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Chamber ‘lock-out’ for Cloughleigh residents

TWENTY residents from Cloughleigh, Hermitage, along with Clare County Councillor Tony Mulqueen and staff of The Clare Champion were “locked out” of the Ennis council chamber on Tuesday, where a special meeting of the town council was being held regarding the Ennis Youth and Community Resource Building Project.Disgruntled residents, concerned about the proposal to locate a youth and community resource building in Cloughleigh, had the door of the council chamber closed on them in advance of the meeting start time. Invited members of the press and Ennis West Councillor Tony Mulqueen were not immune from the lock-out and were told that, due to fire and health and safety regulations, no-one else was allowed into the council chamber, on the orders of town clerk Eddie Power. Those who remained outside expressed their anger that they were being kept from a meeting they were entitled to attend.Cloughleigh resident, Seán Kelleher, said, “It’s just typical; you come to voice your opinion and they …

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