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Devastation in South Galway

Extensive flooding in South Galway has forced several people from their homes and caused the closure of a number of businesses.Labane resident and Deputy Mayor of County Galway, Bridie Willers is one of those affected by the floods. She and her family were forced to leave their home on Tuesday night after water began to seep up through the floor.“There is no loss of life. There is devastation everywhere but we will survive,” she told The Clare Champion.On Wednesday, two inches of water remained on the ground floor of the house.“The water just came up through the floor on Tuesday, under the house. I can’t see where it came from. My mother, who lives nearby, moved on Sunday but we thought the water wouldn’t go into our house. I mean I live in a very old house and there is no record of any flood in it ever,” she explained.“Essentially, we have been marooned since last Thursday but we were …

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And what a week it was…

IT was another miserable week for the people of Ireland. Countless numbers were left homeless and flooding caused millions of euros worth of damage. Our appeals for fair play in sport fell on the deaf ears of international soccer authorities. And the recession bit deeper, as tens of thousands of public sector workers went out on strike in protest against further threatened pay cuts.

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