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Voters’ views on Friday afternoon

  VOTING was rather brisk in Ennis in the mid afternoon, with people of all ages coming and going from the polling stations.   A vox pop indicated that the county town was in the mood for change, with none of approximately 20 voters who spoke to the Champion saying they had given their number ones to either of the Fianna Fáil candidates. One man at the Boys National School said that he had voted against Fianna Fáil. “Oh against, against, against. I voted for everyone except Fianna Fáil. Labour, Fine Gael, Greens, independents.” He was cutting about the party’s upper echelons who he described as “Gougers, a pack of gombeen men and gougers getting paid out of our pocket.” But Declan Monaghan, who voted earlier in the day, fears Fine Gael taking power. “I’m going for Labour number one, I don’t fancy the other two main parties at all. Number two is your man Meaney, I see him on TV …

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Decision time for Clare’s 87,000 voters

  CLARE’S 107 polling stations, which will contain 173 ballot boxes, will open at 7am this Friday morning as a record 16 candidates seek to represent the constituency in the 31st Dáil.A total of 85,360 registered voters are entitled to vote in the four-seater constituency, along with 1,600 voters on what is called a supplementary list. In the 2007 General Election, 79,555 people were eligible to vote in the county.“The supplementary list is published after the official register of electors, which is updated annually. They are people who arrive back to Clare and find that they are not on the register and want to get on it. “That would bring up the total to roughly 87,000, of which 4,200 of those are in Limerick City,” Clare returning officer, Pat Wallace told The Clare Champion.“I supply the manpower and the location but not the ballot boxes to Parteen and Shannon Banks,” Mr Wallace explained. “I arrange Parteen school and the scout …

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