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Why avarice should be treated as the enemy

“An accident could happen to these oysters, a grain of sand could lie in the muscle and irritate the flesh until in self protection the flesh coated the grain with a layer of smooth cement. But once started, the flesh continued to coat the foreign body until it fell free in some tidal flurry or until the oyster was destroyed. For centuries men had dived down and torn the oysters from the beds and ripped them open, looking for the coated grains of sand.” – The Pearl, John Steinbeck

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Queen’s visit has not hit garda cover

HALF of County Clare’s Garda force may have been detailed to Dublin for the visit of Queen Elizabeth II but nevertheless, there are more gardaí on the beat than normal around the county. This should come as reassuring news to those who felt the county might be at risk of a crime spree this week due to the mass exodus of gardaí.

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Red Bull gives Banner team wings

A GROUP of Clare aeronautical enthusiasts are attempting to break the world record for the farthest distance travelled at this weekend’s annual Red Bull Flugtag event in Dun Laoghaire.Designed by Tulla resident, Emelyn Heaps and built by Caherea, Lissycasey-based builders, Marrinan Construction, the Lying Air craft will compete at the Red Bull Flugtag competition on Sunday.Red Bull Flugtag challenges the brave and brainy to design, build and pilot homemade flying machines off a 30ft high flight deck in hopes of soaring high or more often, plunging into the waters below. Teams are judged on three criteria; flight distance, creativity of the craft and showmanship and it is hoped that Lying Air will meet the criteria to beat the 64m world record.Emelyn currently holds the Irish record for the furthest distance at this event but he is confident his new design can beat the world record.“I’m the aeronautical design engineer for this and in 2001 we designed an aircraft that took …

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