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And what a week it was…

IT was another miserable week for the people of Ireland. Countless numbers were left homeless and flooding caused millions of euros worth of damage. Our appeals for fair play in sport fell on the deaf ears of international soccer authorities. And the recession bit deeper, as tens of thousands of public sector workers went out on strike in protest against further threatened pay cuts.

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Counting cost of Ennis flood damage

Thousands of euro worth of damage was caused this week as two streets in the centre of Clare’s county town flooded, forcing people from their homes and damaging business premises.Last Thursday night, Ennis’ Francis Street flooded for the first time in living memory. The River Fergus spilled down Abbey Street and the flood’s source took locals by surprise as water surged from the Club Bridge, a point at which they said the river had never before burst.Freda Nihill has lived on Francis Street for 55 years. On Thursday, water gushed in her door destroying the floor of her 200-year-old house.“I was just sitting here looking at Eastenders and when I pulled the curtain, I saw the water on the street and decided that I mightn’t go out again that night. Then a knock came to the door and the water was just coming in. “The gardaí and the fire service put down sandbags. I thought the bags might keep it …

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