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Fight for the right to decide

If you were to go by the papers over the past week you would think that our biggest enemies are not the Germans nor the French nor the English, nor even the bankers. You would think that the biggest enemies of the Irish people were, wait for it… the Irish people themselves.

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Cameron protects a dysfunctional model

David Cameron’s European hissy fit in the face of euro-saving reform is an interesting action to study when you delve a little below the surface. On the face of it, he has merely bowed to the rabidly Euro-skeptic element that has so long been a defining element of the British Conservative Party.

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Cuts force PwDI branch to close

THE Clare branch of People with Disabilities Ireland (PwDI) is set to close in the new year after funding for the organisation was withdrawn by the Government. The branch is one of 22 across the country facing closure, with Dermot Hayes, network officer in Clare saying, “I am very angry at this, the minister has taken what is considered the easy option to cut our funding. We’re not going to be the ones going out on the streets, we don’t have the clout of other organisations.”

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