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Students to become ad executives

A NEW national competition invites secondary school students to experience the challenges of working in an advertising agency; whilst providing teachers with an initiative that has cross-curricular linkage potential.

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The 1798 Battle of Ballinamuck

There are many old Irish songs that tell of the help coming to this country from abroad. If every army that had promised to come and save the poor old Sean Bhean Bhocht actually arrived, there would not have been room for them all.

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Cathedral abuzz with an excited congregation

IT is half past one on Sunday. The sky is blue and a light breeze is gently fluttering the bunting outside Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Ennis. People are already arriving in their finery, men in suits and women in a fog of dusty pinks, muted purples, pale oranges and muffled greens. They are the embodiment of conservative vibrancy, of subdued joy.

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Epic journey for Parteen student

Parteen medical student Cóilín Collins Smyth arrived back from Vietnam last Thursday after he completed a 5,000km cycle, which took him from Shanghai, China to Ho Chi Min in Vietnam over a three-month period.

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