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Nothing new in Taoiseach debate

THE fact that two different people hold the offices of Taoiseach and leader of the largest party in Government is not unique. Following the 1948 and 1954 General Elections, Richard Mulcahy was leader of Fine Gael but John A Costello was elected Taoiseach. From the 1932 election onwards, Fianna Fáil formed the following six governments. By the time the 1948 election was called, the country was in the mood for change.Fianna Fáil were accused of arrogance and complacency. The newly formed Clann na Poblachta also challenged them for what was traditionally the Fianna Fáil republican vote. Clann na Poblachta charged the government with doing their electioneering in a fleet of chauffeured State cars, with calling the election before a new register came into force and with being supported by financial interests and racketeers. Leader of the party, Seán Mac Bride, wanted an investigation into an alleged petrol scam involving friends of Fianna Fáil. Taoiseach Eamon de Valera responded that the …

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The Californian gold rush

SUTTERS Creek is, I am reliably informed, a reasonably palatable Californian wine. It is named after the township of Sutters Creek in California about 150 miles east of San Francisco.

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Remembering a dear friend

THE recent death of Oscar-nominated actor Pete Postlethwaite touched many film fans. However, for one Clare family they weren’t just losing their favourite actor, they were losing a very close friend.The acclaimed British actor spent a number of months in Sixmilebridge while filming The Serpent’s Kiss on location at Mount Ievers Court back in 1996.While staying in Clare he and his family struck up a close friendship with the Casey family, Anne, her mother Cora and the late Paddy, of Casey’s Bar in the village. That friendship was so strong that Anne was even invited to Beverly Hills to stay with the Postlethwaite family while he filmed Jurassic Park II.“He was an absolutely fabulous, lovely guy. He was really jolly, very sincere and a very caring fella with a pep in his step and a word for everybody. He mixed with everybody, he didn’t care who they were or what they were, he just got on with everybody. He was …

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Doctor highlights Haitian plight

A ROSLEVAN doctor who recently spent a month in Haiti has given his account of the problems being experienced on the island, following the devastating earthquake that hit the country a year ago.In a report he compiled for the Lions Club, Dr John Morris explained that from August to October he engaged in a variety of fundraising activities in preparation for departure with the Haven to Haiti group. “I was to work as a medical supervisor for the 300 or so volunteers on Haven’s Build It Week. During a two-week period, a hundred houses were to be constructed in Gonaives, one of Haiti’s larger cities. Unfortunately, just two weeks prior to departure the devastating cholera epidemic, which has gripped the country since, commenced in the Gonaives region. This made it unsafe for Haven to bring volunteers to Haiti and at the very last minute both of Haven’s Build It Weeks were cancelled. This was very sad news for the 600 …

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