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Limerick gang culture explored

The spread of violence and bloodshed in South-East Clare perpetrated by criminal gangs based in Limerick City is chronicled in a new book. Mean Streets: Limerick’s Gangland by Irish Independent journalist Barry Duggan tells how Limerick City became home to a ruthless criminal underworld.

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Dead and loving it

ZombielandDIRECTED BY: Ruben FleischerSTARRING: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail BreslinCERT: 16 Recent classics Shaun Of The Dead and 28 Days Later finally have some real competition in the zombie movie stakes.Zombieland is the kind of film Quentin Tarantino would be making if he hadn’t disappeared where the sun don’t shine, if he was less concerned with showing off for the geeks than simply having fun. Thankfully director Ruben Fleischer still knows what genuine entertainment is.Mad Cow Disease (ah, if only they’d waited – it could have been swine flu) has mutated into a virus that turns its victims into lunatics with a wild craving for human flesh. And so the zombies have taken over the world.Columbus (Eisenberg) is one of the last humans standing, a young man who has survived the carnage thanks largely to his chronic OCD – which has gone into overdrive now that there’s a genuine threat to his continued existence. Though his biggest fear …

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A brand new look at an old fashioned gal

Having recommended Emma as one to watch a few weeks ago it seems only right that I make mention of it now I have had a chance to watch it. Thank goodness for repeats, she says. Having missed the first episode I was delighted to see that it was repeated not once, but twice, on the BBC the following Saturday. Perhaps a poor scheduling idea by the BBC but very good for those of us who managed to miss it twice. Emma, for those who don’t know is the story of a rich girl who has no desire to marry but feels she has a talent for bringing couples together. She is spoiled, precocious and fickle but she is also warm, caring and considerate. The trouble begins when she tries to set Miss Harriett Smith up with the local clergyman Mr Elliott. Harriett’s parentage is unknown and her circumstances mean that she is quite below a clergyman but Emma cannot …

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On the Couch

Synecdoche, New YorkDirected by: Charlie KaufmanStarring: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Michelle Williams, Catherine Keener Being beaten over the head with quality is a curious experience. While there’s a lot about the latest brain-melting opus from writer/director Charlie Kaufman to make you want to hold said author down and beat the pretension out of him with a Wiffle bat, there’s so many brilliant ideas and outstanding performances that you just can’t.Philip Seymour Hoffman stars as Caden Cotard, a successful theatre director whose home life with artist Adele (Catherine Keener) is collapsing. Suffering from myriad health problems, his wife leaves and Caden falls into a depression that is partially lifted when he unexpectedly wins the McArthur Genius Grant.The massive financial reward for his directorial prowess acts as an impetus for Caden produce greatest the work of his, or anyone else’s life. He rents a massive warehouse in Manhatten, a huge cast and proceeds to direct them in a play based on life itself …

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