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Paul Murphy

Call for action on loading bay abuse in town centre

Councillor highlights ‘traffic mayhem’ in Ennis with delivery drivers unable to access parking spots

THE “abuse” of loading bays in Ennis’ town centre is the cause of much of the traffic congestion on the streets of the county capital, according to the deputy mayor.
Speaking at a meeting of Ennis Municipal District, Councillor Paul Murphy hit out at those who do not use loading bays correctly as well as those parking on double yellow lines saying he experienced “mayhem” in the town while driving during the summer months.
The councillor was speaking as calls were made for the provision of additional loading bays to be installed on every retail street and car park in the town.
Councillor Johnny Flynn proposed the idea saying delivery drivers are being left “frustrated” when they cannot find a loading bay to bring goods to the town’s businesses.
He pointed out the vast majority of businesses on O’Connell Street do not have rear access for deliveries or large storage areas.
The councillor was approached by a number of local suppliers who have been finding it difficult to get deliveries to businesses in the town.
Councillor Flynn suggested that while works are being carried out to upgrade the town centre that more loading bays be introduced to address the current “shortfall” of spaces.
“There are businesses from Dublin that have to leave at 6am to be able to get into Ennis and they are frustrated that they can’t find a loading bay,” he said.
The councillor insisted that “in order to support Ennis Town centre businesses and jobs” that the Ennis Municipal District provide at least two loading bays in each retail street, in each public car park and monitor their usage.
Councillor Murphy recalled his own experience of driving a van through the town and “finding it very hard to get loading bays”.
“The abuse of these bays is causing a lot of traffic congestion in the town. If they were used as they were meant to, parking up for 10 or 15 minutes, you wouldn’t have the congestion.”
He also criticised those parking on double yellow lines, adding that traffic wardens “have a hard job”.
Eamon O’Dea, senior executive engineer, Ennis MD, responded to the motion that additional loading bays “should be considered when the parking bylaws for Ennis Town are being reviewed”.
He continued, “Presently there are loading bays provided in a number of the streets or adjacent streets.
“Some of the loading bays have time constraints that were previously requested by the business community to facilitate customers later in the day (Abbey Street). Consideration of the provision of loading bays will require consultation with the business community in regard to the type, frequency of and timing of deliveries and this may result in the reduction in available space for the convenience of customers.
“A number of the collection service operators for businesses in Ennis do not use vehicles that comply with requirements for loading bays and other forms of short-term parking needs to be considered for this activity.
“Customers collecting from premises need 10-15minute parking with high turnover of spaces also,” he said.

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