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Burren College tutor curating Denver exhibition

RIAN Kerrane, who has taught at the Burren College of Art, is currently curating an exhibition in America.

The exhibition is entitled Hybrid and is taking place at Denver’s RedLine, a 6,000ft2 exhibition hall. It is the first of two such exhibitions, the second of which will take place on this side of the Atlantic, allowing each artist to engage both with ‘local’ proximity and ‘foreign’ distance in turn.
It features the work of 14 artists, seven of them Irish and seven American.
The artists’ work examines the experience of crossing the Atlantic in the current political climate, while acknowledging historic influences from each artist’s perspective; identifying experiences of place, displacement and immersion in cultural and social surroundings on each side of the Atlantic.
There is a wide range of media included and the diverse origins of the participants are intended to incite a stimulating translation and critical examination of ongoing cultural conversations and personal experiences of the hybridisation of lives, expectations, ancestral backgrounds, geology, perceptions, identities and both the geographic distance and human commonality of the artists.
Shaped by Kirrane’s own personal ties with the artists, Hybrid emerges from a reflective process of curatorial matchmaking. Working in sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, film and installation, the work of the two groups of artists both mirror and confront each other.
The exhibition also acknowledges and pays tribute to complex local experiences in a common global culture, reflecting her own 18 years of crossing and recrossing the Atlantic.
The seven artists from Ireland are Elizabeth Kinsella, Mark Joyce, James L Hayes, Sarah Lewtas, Ian Gordon, Aisling O’Beirn and Deirdre O’Mahony. The seven from the US are Rian Kerrane, Eric Waldemar, Viviane LeCourtois, Christopher R Perez, Homare Ikeda, Lee Lee and Melissa Borman.


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