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Green light for Ballyvaughan mast extension

PERMISSION has been granted to a telecommunications company to extend a mast in north Clare by 30%

Ontower Ireland Limited’s application to install a 6m extension to a 20m lattice telecommunications support structure at Gragan West, Ballyvaughan, was approved by planners.

In the application Ontower Ireland says it “has significant commercial relationships with each mobile network operator in the State, namely Three, Vodafone and Meteor/Eir in addition to radio, broadband and emergency communication service providers.”

The application also says “Increasing the height of this structure from a 20m lattice tower to a 26m lattice tower will allow this site to accommodate mobile operators and a broadband operator, all above the local tree clutter, thus extending the reach of communication technologies into areas that currently have poor to non existent wireless mobile voice and data services.

“The proposed structure will allow existing and future operators to bring a significant improvement in voice and broadband services to the area, particularly Gragans West and the surrounding areas. This site also covers all surrounding regional roads, businesses, farms, housing and local amenities. The proposed structure will allow multiple network operators to deploy 2G voice, 3G and high speed 4G broadband services.”

The application also stated, “In providing the proposed communications infrastructure, Ontower Ireland Limited is making a positive contribution to the region by improving the availability of telecommunications infrastructure in the area.

“The demand for additional telecommunications services has increased with advances in technology and data usage on personal communications devices and so there is a corresponding demand on the infrastructure to provide the service. Next generation telecommunications technology will put even more pressure on existing communications infrastructure within populated areas as everyday items and equipment will require connectivity to a communication network.”

It claimed that there are societal benefits, despite the visual impact of such infrastructure.

“There are, however, indirect benefits that can be associated with an improvement in telecommunications services, including the option to work remotely in a globally connected work environment, the ability to work from or nearer to home with the associated environmental and social benefits and an overall increase in sustainable work and travel patterns.

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