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Assault figures down from last year

CRIME figures for the second quarter of the year in Shannon show a decline in assaults, members of the local Joint Policing Committee heard on Monday.

At a meeting in Shannon Garda Station Inspector Tom Kennedy outlined records of crime between the start of April and the end of June.
While there were two assaults causing harm during April, May and June last year, none was recorded during the same period this year.
The number of minor assaults also dropped, from 10 to seven, with all seven being detected. Inspector Kennedy said assault is generally the most detected offence, as the offender is generally known to the person attacked.
While there were eight burglaries during the quarter, the equivalent figure for last year was nine. Of the burglaries this year, two have been detected. Inspector Kennedy said this type of crime is generally “very difficult to solve”.
There were two incidences of criminal damage compared to one in the same quarter last year, while the quarter saw three incidences of possession of weapons offences. This was up from one last year.
There were four robberies from the person during the second quarter last year, but none in the second quarter of this year.
There were no sexual offences reported in the second quarter of 2012, down from one last year. The number of thefts from cars dropped from 11 to three. The amount of incidences of theft from shops remained stable at 16, while the number of public order offences was up, from 28 in the second quarter of last year, to 44 this year.
Detective Sergeant Kevin O’Hagan said that with regard to public order, several offences could be recorded, arising from a single incident, as if a row took place involving five people, each one would be arrested.
Drug offences were relatively stable while the number of drink driving offences dropped from five to four.
In response to a question from Councillor Sean McLoughlin, Detective Sergeant O’Hagan said that while some time ago there were a number of thefts from shops in which knifes were used, all of the persons involved were associated with each other. He said that one is now on the run in the North, while the other two are serving sentences.
The meeting heard there are some local recidivist shoplifters. Inspector Kennedy said that while the value of products taken is quite low, it is “socially unacceptable”.
Detective Sergeant O’Hagan said theft of home heating oil has dropped recently.
“People are a bit more security conscious and they are filling a bit less,” he claimed.


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