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Anti-social behaviour meeting

RESIDENTS of Cúl na Gréine attended Tuesday night’s meeting of Shannon Town Council as members discussed anti-social behaviour in their estate.

Independent councillor Gerry Flynn put forward a motion asking “that the director of services with responsibility for the housing section provide a detailed report concerning the many estate management issues in the Cúl na Gréine estate.
Some of these issues are related to tenants and home purchasers who feel their civil rights are being ignored due to persistent anti-social behaviour and a reluctance by the council to enforce tenancy agreements”.
In a written reply from Clare County Council, it was claimed that attempts were being made to deal with the problem. “Clare County Council is aware that a small number of tenants in the Cúl na Gréine estate have engaged in anti-social behaviour.
“Over the last year, warning letters have been issued to five tenants in the estate regarding breaches of tenancy agreements.
“Legal proceedings have also been initiated in another case. The council cannot comment further on this case as it may prejudice these proceedings.
“It should be noted that a member of the estate management team visits Cúl na Gréine on a twice weekly basis. These visits involve response calls to residents regarding complaints received as well as monitoring of the general environment.”
He said that residents with concerns should contact local gardaí, the estate management unit of Clare County Council on 065 6846334 or at asbcomplaint@clarecoco.ie.
Councillor Flynn asked for support to be given to people living in Cúl na Gréine who want to form a representative group. “The residents of Cúl na Gréine, where there are 107 units, have made several attempts to start a residents’ ­association but they fell by the wayside,” he said.
The Independent councillor felt that most people in the estate don’t behave irresponsibly. “It’s an estate we’re all proud of, we’re all proud of the people there and we don’t want any labelling.”
However, he said that tenancy agreements need to be enforced.
He was supported by Councillor Patricia McCarthy, who said that while the majority of people in the estate are responsible, a minority were causing problems.
Councillor Tony McMahon said that decent people must be protected. “It is not acceptable that people who go in to live in an ordinary social pattern suffer any intimidation.”
He said that if people move into an area and end up causing serious problems for other ­families “the question arises if it was suitable to house them in that manner in the first instance”.
Fine Gael’s Sean McLoughlin said that it seemed that the matter was being progressed very slowly. “I’m baffled because 12 months ago I brought a notice of motion at the council area meeting and I’m wondering why it is taking so long.”
He called for a quick response to the issue. “It’s time to take action and take action forthwith.”
Councillor McLoughlin said some of the things being reported to him were “horrific” while Councillor Michael Fleming said that some “amazing issues” had been raised with him. Councillor Fleming said that he would be pleased to help with the establishment of a residents’ group.
Councillor Mary Brennan said it was important that proper vetting take place.
“The council really has to look at its vetting procedure. Most people involved in trouble in any estate have a history,” she commented.


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