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Anti Austerity Alliance Shannon candidates

THE new Anti Austerity Alliance is to field two candidates,  Seónaidh Ní Shíomóin and David Houlihan, for the Shannon area in the May local elections.

Seónaidh, who first got involved in campaigning during the anti Household Tax movement in 2012, said, “Right across the country ordinary people, sick and tired of austerity, are coming together to build a real alternative for the upcoming elections. From Dublin to Donegal, Limerick to Laois, the Anti Austerity Alliance is organising to get fighters for ordinary people elected. So far the AAA is standing in six wards in the Mid West, including right here in Shannon.”

David Houlihan, who is a trade union activist, said, “The Government would have you believe all is well. But almost half a million people are still unemployed, over 300,000 have emigrated, 100,000 mortgages are in arrears, and there has been no recovery in people’s wages. Far from austerity being over, the property tax has now doubled, and next year they plan on imposing water charges on top of that. They won’t stop robbing us until we stand up and say ‘enough is enough’.

“The AAA isn’t about electing a couple of maverick’s and independents dotted around the country, we want to build a coordinated, national alliance of anti-austerity campaigners and candidates, wiping out austerity parties nationwide and making the government sit up and take notice. We want to build a strong network of volunteers here in Shannon, and getting fighters onto the council to help in the struggles ahead”

Seónaidh Ní Shíomóin and David Houlihan will officially launch their campaign at a public meeting on Wednesday, February 5 in the Oakwood Arms, Shannon

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