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Allot to be learned at proposed nature trail

THE owner of the Ennis allotments on the Tulla Road is expanding the initiative to include a nature trail, aimed at teaching young people and their parents about the importance of biodiversity and protecting our environment.
Jimmy Spellisy has been running the Ennis allotments for over two years and says that the demand is definitely there to expand the initiative.
“I have been offering a nature trail in the surrounds of the allotments in recent times but it’s time now to promote the idea and encourage people to come and take part in this healthy and interesting activity,” Mr Spellisy said.
The nature trail runs down into the Doora Flood Plains and the Cappahard Flood Plains, including the grounds of Cappahard House, the Ennis allotments and Mr Spellisy eventually wants to see it incorporate the river.
“I intend that it will showcase such a biodiverstiy through the allotments and the flood plains. The wildlife in this area is spectacular. It will also bring people to visit fox and badgers dens and will include a bird study. I will also include a demonstration on soil preparation for planting, as well as information on how to plant and tend to plants and vegetables,” he explained.
The nature trail which will be operating as the Clare Environmental Education Centre is mainly aimed at children and their parents.
“If we can grasp the interest of young people, the future can be very different for the environment. I think it’s very important to show children where vegetables and fruit actually come from and for them to see animals and birds living in their natural habitat,” he added.
Mr Spellisy said there are currently approximately 20 allotments available in the centre, with about 36 in use.
“There was a great uptake at the start but after the first year, some people dropped out. It takes commitment and patience to look after a patch but it’s a very worthwhile activity,” he said.
He is holding an open day at the centre on Saturday, October 2 for anyone interested in taking an allotment or looking for advice on growing their own plants and vegetables.
For more information on the allotments and the nature trail contact Mr Spellisy on 086 8336264.

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