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A busy month at Hogsprickle

Bev Truss
Bev Truss

August has been a really busy month at The Hogsprickle.
A young hoglet about three-months-old was found near St Flannan’s with a nasty strimmer injury, which had caused a gaping wound along his back and the poor little guy had to have an emergency operation. Unfortunately, due to the extent of his wounds, he lost his fight.
Two other hedgehogs came in with hind leg and foot injuries and again emergency operations were needed. These guys are doing well and will be ready for release in a few weeks.
We also had a call about a female hedgehog who had fallen into a cattle grid. She had been there for perhaps a week or so and was very dehydrated and thin, she wasn’t expected to live the night. She had emergency fluids and treatment and after a day or so, she was eating and drinking well. She has put on weight and has had an injury on her hind leg treated. Sadly, she may have had young hoglets that may not have survived, as she couldn’t get back to them.
If you have a cattle grid, please check each day for trapped wildlife. You can help them escape by making a ramp or wood with some chicken wire wrapped around for grip or a pile of rocks and stones to enable them to climb out.
Strimmer and lawnmower injuries are all too common this time of year and many of the hedgehogs don’t survive, so, if at all possible, please check before you strim or cut the grass, especially clumps of grass around the edge of the garden. Hedgehog nests look like clumps of grass and you can use a wooden pole to gently check if there is a sleepy hog in there.
Young hedgehogs are now leaving mum and becoming more independent and you can help by leaving out cat food each night in a feeding box. They are really easy to make – all you need is a plastic box turned upside down with a 12cm hole in one end, this will let hogs in but keep cats out. Put something really heavy on top or a hungry fox or cat might tip it over to get at the food. Use wet cat food but not fish or duck flavour and leave water outside the box. Never give milk to hedgehogs they are lactose intolerant and get ill from fish, duck and milk food.
We have had over 64 hedgehogs and other species of wildlife in from all over Munster, Connacht and a few from Leinster this year alone. We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who help with rescuing, transport and fundraising. Also to the vets in Ennis, Summerhill Vet Clinic and Charles Kenny Vet Clinic for their help in treating the rescues. The NPWS also support and give the licences for each rescue to be held here for rehabilitation.
Like all rescue services, The Hogsprickle is part of a wider team of people doing their best to care for wildlife and domestic animals who need our help.
Thank you and hedgehugs.

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