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Councillor Donna Mc Gettigan

50 households in Clare exited homeless services since introduction of HAT

50 households have exited homeless services since the introduction of the Homeless Action Team, a meeting of Clare County Council has revealed.
Latest figures have highlighted that as of August 21, 2020 there were 62 new homeless presentations in the county, and 339 repeat presentations.
Details were outlined following a query by Councillor Donna McGettigan seeking “the true figures” for the homeless situation in Clare by area. She stated that she has been contacted by people are living on couches, asking what is the council’s plan to “end homelessness”.
Anne Haugh, director of social development detailed it is not possible to breakdown the homeless list by area. The figures showed 15 homeless families receiving emergency accommodation as at August 21. There were 60 adults and 21 dependants.
She outlined that the Homeless Action Team was introduced on February 1, 2019. From that date until December 31, 2019 a total of 26 households, made up of 33 adults and 36 dependants left the homeless services to own door accommodation.
While from January 1, 2020 to September 1, 2020 there were 24 households, 27 adults and 24 dependants, exiting the service.
“This Council provides a robust Homeless prevention service and supports those homeless/facing homelessness to secure alternative accommodation with the support of the HAP placefinder,” she stated.
Ms Haugh commented, “It would be disingenuous to say that Clare County Council can eliminate homelessness in the county as there are a range of issues that cause homelessness. The HAT inter-agency model seeks to manage the consequent effects that homelessness generates across health, economic and social conditions. The homeless service now has the client front and centre in the management of their homelessness; it addresses root causes of homelessness and provides support and guidance for the client to address issues that arise while in the service and to provide pathways to exit the service. There are many facets to the service to respond to the clients and cases that present. The collaborative client centred model has a positive impact on clients exit from homeless services.”

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