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24k vaccines delivered by UHLG in last week

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MORE than 24,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine were administered by the UL Hospitals’ Group last week, as the incidence of the virus remains low in Clare.
In the week to close of business on Sunday, July 4, a total of 24,081 doses of Covid-19 vaccine were administered across the group’s three area vaccination centres in Limerick Racecourse, Treacy’s West County Hotel, Ennis, and the Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh.
This brings to 216,762 the total vaccines administered under the UL Hospitals’ Group programme since it began on January 4, and includes healthcare workers, residents and staff of nursing homes, and patients in the various cohorts and age groups.
This figure does not include the vaccination work undertaken by their colleagues in Mid-West Community Healthcare, the National Ambulance Service, General Practitioners and pharmacists.
The regional total for the group’s Covid-19 vaccination programme last week was composed of 14,086 vaccines administered in Limerick Racecourse; 4,746 in the West County, Ennis; and 5,249 in the Abbey Court, Nenagh.
On June 30, there were 15 new cases of the virus in Limerick and less than five in Clare and Tipperary. The 14-day incidence rate per 100,000 was 162.6 in Limerick with 317 cases, 65.6 in Clare with 78 cases and 42.1 in Tipperary, with 30 cases.
Covid-19 figures for July 1 were quite similar. There were 16 new confirmed cases in Limerick, six in Clare and Tipperary.
According to official figures, there have been 73 cases of the virus in Clare over the past 14 days. July 5 was the only day Clare recorded six new cases with less than five on July 2, 3, 4 and 6.
Responding to a Clare Champion query, the group confirmed it continue to make progress through the Group 9 cohort – people aged 16-64, living or working in crowded settings, and in parallel, people aged 64 years and younger.
Last week, this grouping accounted for the majority of vaccine recipients, with a total of 20,889 vaccine doses administered.
Nationally, online registration opens this week for 30-34-year-olds, and it is planned to open registration for 24-29-year-olds next week.
The group’s vaccination teams continue working to ensure that everyone in the Mid-West will receive a vaccine, in line with national guidance on Covid-19 vaccination. The group urge anyone with a query about their vaccine to contact the helpline on 1850-241850.
To close of business on Tuesday, June 2, the group had delivered 110,127 doses of vaccine across the Mid-West. Of this amount, 77,777 doses were delivered at the Radisson Blu Meelick; 18,167 doses at Treacy’s West County Hotel, Ennis and 14,183 doses at the Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh.
The Limerick Covid-19 Vaccination Centre was relocated from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Meelick to Limerick Racecourse at Patrickswell, County Limerick, for opening on Tuesday morning June 8.
With a maximum capacity of 46 vaccination booths, the Limerick Racecourse centre is running alongside the centres at Ennis and Nenagh, operating in accordance with national guidance on clinical prioritisation, sequencing, and subject to availability of Covid-19 vaccines.

by Dan Danaher

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