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€145,000 paid to councilors since 2009

JUST shy of €145,000 in payments went to members of Shannon Town Council since the start of 2009.

According to a report issued to members at last week’s meeting of the council, a high of €54,872.52 was paid out in 2009. Last year the figure was €52,341.48, while in the period from January to October of this year the figure was €37,771.38.
A number of factors are relevant when considering payments to the members. For example more payments are made to people serving as mayor or deputy mayor, while payments are also made for attendance at various conferences or seminars.
County councillors also do not receive basic pay as members of the town council.
In the period from January to October of this year payments of €1,440 went to Patricia McCarthy and Gerry Flynn. €2,222.58 went to Tony Mulcahy, €4,736.07 to Sean McLoughlin, €5,206.30 to Tony McMahon, €4,713.23 to Greg Duff, €5,269.60 to Michael Fleming, €6,216.29 to Mary Brennan, €4,764.65 to Cathy McCafferty and €1,762.66 to Vincent Coleman.
Last year payments of €2,036 each went to Councillors McCarthy, Flynn and Mulcahy. €10637.04 went to Councillor McLoughlin, €7,857.68 to Councillor McMahon, €6216.92 to Councillor Duff, €7,858 went to Councillor Fleming, €7,316.92 to Councillor Brennan and €6,616.92 to Councillor Cathy McCafferty.
In 2009, Councillors McCarthy and Mulcahy both got €2,209, while Councillor Flynn got €4,209. Councillor McLoughlin got €9,164.46, Councillor McMahon €8,190.42, Councillor Duff €6,860, Councillor Fleming €3,897.44, Councillor Mary Brennan €3,697.44, Councillor McCafferty €3,447.44, Councillor Geraldine Lambert €3,805.32, Councillor Sean Hillery and Mike McKee €3,591.50.
Speaking to The Clare Champion this week, Councillor Patricia McCarthy said that she believes the town council offers good value for money and that the public do engage with it.
“I do think that it provides a democratic voice and that local people are represented by it. In Shannon it has gone from being run by a semi state to being run democratically and the public has bought into it. You see that with the high turn out for the local elections.”


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