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On my 100k trek for Guide Dogs Ireland at Lees Road.
On my 100k trek for Guide Dogs Ireland at Lees Road.

100k – nearly there

Well, I have the paws walked off me this month. It’s all down to the Guide Dogs for the Blind. I admire them greatly for the job they do so I’m delighted to be doing the 100k challenge for the month of May.

Imagine, I have to go walkies for a full 100 kilometres – it’s no wonder I’m whacked. I never thought I’d be able to complete the full distance but I’m well over 80k now so I know I’m going to do it.

I’ve had some lovely walks in Lees Road and Coole Park and a lot of walkies end with a dogguccino so all the hard work is worth it. Of course, the real reason I’m doing all these walks is to raise money to train Guide Dogs so if you’d like to help, the link is guide-dog-day-2021.raisely.com/walkieswithdaisymay.

I had a wonderful walk last week with my friend Cassie and I hope to complete my 100k with her also. I’ve been promised a picnic if, like the ’Champion Phoenix, I complete my task.

At the weekend, though, I went for an even more important walk. I’m a member of a Facebook group, Westies of Northern Ireland, and one of my friends, Winston, sadly crossed Rainbow Bridge last week, just after moving with his family to Canada. He will be sorely missed by us all and to remember him, we all decided that our Saturday walk would be a Walkies for Winston.

On my 100k trek for Guide Dogs Ireland at Lees Road.

I started in Galway, where I strolled around the city with my hooman before walking to the end of the pier at Claddagh. It was a lovely, but cold day while we walked and just as we were returning to the city, the heavens opened and we barely made it back to the car before getting drowned.

Happily, when we got back to Ennis, there was no sign of the rain and I was able to fit in a second walk to properly remember Winston.

All these walks are keeping me slim and trim so I’ve had to increase my begging tenfold but I’m still not getting scraps from the table.

Stay safe.


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