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Water charges should be resisted, says councillor

THE introduction of water charges should be strongly resisted, possibly through civil disobedience, according to Councillor Gerry Flynn.
The Independent TD said that the Irish people are too compliant and that it may be a legacy of centuries of oppression.
“Maybe it comes from hundreds of years of British rule, that we go along with whatever our lords and masters in Dublin tell us.”
He said that John Gormley should be told to “shove it where he likes to shove it” and to “go off in his green machine somewhere else”.
Councillor Michael Fleming
also voiced his opposition to water charges. “I think it’s ridiculous, a lot of senior citizens will be affected,” he said.
While Councillor Tony McMahon said that he agreed with the concept of metered charging, it couldn’t possibly be introduced, given the amount of water that is lost.
“Forty to 50% of water is being lost and it’s ridiculous to impose charges on the public.”
He said that the public already pay for water services through tax.
Councillor Patricia McCarthy claimed it was “premature” to be talking about charges given the amount of leaks and waste.
She said the Government were looking at introducing the charges because they felt it was a relatively easy way of boosting the coffers.
Councillor Flynn said that he was of the view that water services have ­actually declined since the county council took over responsibility for Shannon.

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