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Council crackdown on backyard burning

Clare County Council is continuing its crackdown on backyard burning after one North Clare man was recently given two four-month prison sentences, which were suspended for a two-year period. While this case, which involved the unauthorised burning of almost one tonne of waste in a builder’s skip, isn’t a typical one, the council has warned that any type of waste disposal using a fire, regardless of the scale, is illegal. It also warned that repeat offenders and anyone engaged in large-scale illegal burning faces the prospect of €4,000 in fines or a prison sentence on conviction. The penalty imposed in the latest prosecution places the spotlight on a practice that is still continuing, despite previous warnings, with 22 complaints received by the local authority so far this year. Burning waste is an offence under the Air Pollution Act 1987 and The Waste Management (Prohibition of Waste Disposal by Burning) Regulations 2009, which strengthened the law against waste disposal by uncontrolled burning [backyard burning]. …

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Advice to farmers on waste collection

CLARE County Council has issued a reminder to farmers of the importance of only employing the services of correctly authorised waste collectors, who hold a valid and current waste collection permit. The local authority notes it is a legal requirement for any person or company involved in the collection of waste, such as farm plastics and scrap metal, to hold a waste collection permit.It also says that authorised waste collectors are also required to provide a collection permit to a farmer prior to waste being collected and removed from a farm. Waste collection permits contain a unique waste collection permit reference number, the name and address of the collector, the waste types the collector is permitted to collect, the registration details of each vehicle involved in the collection service, and the name and address of the authorised waste facility where waste is to be delivered. In addition, the waste collection permit reference number must be clearly displayed on the cab …

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