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University Hospital Limerick.

Injured surfer taken to hospital

A surfer who dislocated his knee when he lost his footing on a slippery pathway is recovering from his injury at University Hospital Limerick. The incident in Lahinch occurred late Thursday evening when the Doolin Coast Guard team was tasked by MRSC, Valentia. The surfer was returning to shore when he lost his footing on a pathway and dislocated his knee. The team assembled and set up the climbing equipment. The HSE Ambulance Service was also tasked and arrived on scene a short time later. Two climbers descended with a stretcher and the injured surfer was treated for pain and shock and his leg was splinted. He was then hauled to the top and taken to the waiting ambulance. Meanwhile, the Irish Coast Guard Unit at Killaloe were involved in separate emergency incident the previous night when a woman in her 60’s, who had been walking in the Silvermines Hills in Tipperary with her husband, lost her way. The pair …

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Two hospitalised after Shannon incident

TWO men in their forties are in hospital in Cork following an explosion at Thormac Engineering in the Shannon Industrial estate yesterday. The men were aged 44 and 49, one was from Shannon and the other from Limerick.It is understood that they suffered head,hand and leg injuries and were in intense pain at the scene. Observers believed one of them had sustained worse injuries than the other. The incident occurred at around 3.15pm yesterday, while the pair were working with a machine used to inject plastic into moulds. A colleague of theirs made the initial moves to bring the situation under control. The men were treated at the scene, before being brought by ambulance to the Shannon based coast guard helicopter  and flown from there to the burns unit in Cork.   Owen Ryan

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Emergency services respond to Ennis fire

GARDAI, fire fighters and paramedics have all responded to a fire affecting three apartments in Ennis this evening. They were called to the scene shortly after 5pm  with thick smoke billowing from three apartments close to the junction of O’Connell Street and Barrack Street. A Garda at the scene said that no one had been injured and no one had been in any of the apartments. Vehicles are being diverted away from the end of O’Connell Street closest to the Cathedral and there is currently no vehicular access to  Barrack Street.  

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Emergency Animal First Aid

IN this horrible weather, our wild birds and animals are struggling to keep healthy and many can become ill or injured. Emergency first aid can be given to wildlife prior to them being transferred to a vet. Most vets do not charge for wildlife treatment from a rescuer or wildlife rehabilitator. The sooner that sick or injured wildlife is received by a carer, the more chance it has of recovering, so the following advice should be pursued. You can phone The Hogsprickle or log on to www.thehogsprickle.com or www.wri.ie. Remember – keeping or injuring wildlife in Ireland is illegal and Irish wildlife rehabilitators are all certified and work within NPWS licence. It’s important to remember that wildlife often harbour diseases, therefore, when handling wildlife, it is sensible and good hygiene to wear disposable gloves or gardening gloves. Be very careful when rescuing wildlife, as these animals and birds are not used to humans and even our voices and smell can …

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