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Memory Man chronicles ’95 hurling success in Bridgetown

Jimmy Magee has vivid memories of Clare’s All-Ireland senior hurling success in 1995. The legendary sport and television personality was in ebullient form when he helped to launch a new website for the 25th annual South-East Clare Show in Tony Horan’s Bar, Bridegtown on Thursday night last. The legendary Memory Man can still hold an audience’s attention, judging by the response to his trip down memory lane during the launch. Italia ’90 and Clare’s thrilling All-Ireland victories in 1995 and ’97 were some of the key sporting moments he recalled on the night, to the delight of the large attendance. Speaking to The Clare Champion, Magee noted Clare enjoyed tremendous support from all parts of the country in the run up to the 1995 All-Ireland decider as, “what is seldom is wonderful”. He remembers the Clare hurling team, led by manager Ger Loughnane, flew up to Dublin from Shannon Airport by plane and back again. He recalled driving out to Dublin …

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Show put Bridgetown on the map

ON a cold winter’s night in Ginivan’s Bar in 1989, a handful of locals held an impromptu discussion on what new venture would attract people to Bridgetown. A gymkhana was proposed and 52 people attended the first meeting. Following a decision to hold an agricultural show, the inaugural event in 1990 was packed to capacity. In fact, it was such a success, it earned €6,000 for the organising committee. Ed Ginivan, one of the co-founders, said this windfall helped the committee get the show off the ground and it continued to develop and grow over the next three decades. “No one heard about Bridgetown until the show started. It put Bridgetown on the map, particularly for people connected with jumping and showing horses, as well as cattle,” he said. A number of volunteers, including Ed and his wife, Eileen, decided to take a back seat recently from the organising to allow new blood to rejuvenate the show. However, they are …

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Charlie has his paws on Bridgetown Show

AN award-winning Great Dane was one of the star attractions at the official launch of one of the major social events in South-East Clare. Charlie the Great Dane helped to launch the 24th annual South-East Clare Show in Bridgetown, with his three-year-old owner and best friend, Brianna Lync,h and her mother, Arabella Scanlan. This amazing dog, who captured the hearts of the country when The Clare Champion highlighted his uncanny ability to detect Brianna’s epileptic seizures up to 20 minutes before each episode, was coolness personified with all the hustle and bustle at the show launch. Charlie has already been honoured by the Irish Great Dane Club for his amazing sixth sense and also received a Great Paws Award for his services, which will be featured on RTÉ again in the coming weeks. With a total prize fund of €20,000 and more than 2,500 equestrian, cattle and horticultural entries expected, the 2014 show will draw thousands of people to watch …

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