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Shannon company fostering creativity

A CREATIVE space has been created within a Shannon factory to engage the creative instincts of employees, customers, suppliers and the public.
Connor Winfield Ltd, based in the Shannon Industrial Estate, is now inviting artists to use it in a collaborative spirit to develop product or service ideas that will help drive the business forward in the coming years.

The idea is for the project to lead to growth in employment, the re-establishment of manufacturing as a key component of Shannon business life and foster closer links between the local community and the industrial zone.

“If the creative space we are establishing can provide a means to help achieve these ends, then it will have achieved in a major way. As part of the creative space development we are looking to develop a theme through 12 canvasses to support these aims, while at the same time relying or emphasising the core business intent of Connor Winfield,” a spokesperson for the company said.

Those interested in getting involved are informed that a key requirement is vibrancy both in colour and message and the overwhelming impression from viewing the canvasses should be uplifting.

Interested artists are asked to contact Heather at Connor Winfield on 061 771147 or email hhalton@conwin.ie for more information.

The company will select a small number of artists to meet with and may take a collaborative approach using a number of artists or a single artist depending on applications.

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