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Shannon allotments still cheaper than Ennis

Despite a slight increase in the price of the allotments in Shannon, they remain cheaper than Ennis.  Photograph by Declan MonaghanTHERE will be an increase in the cost of allotments in Shannon for the coming year but they will still be less than one-third of the price being charged in Ennis.
At the February meeting of Shannon Town Council, Councillor Seán McLoughlin asked for a change of dates for tenants to vacate the allotments from January 31-March 1 to November 31-January 1. He said that, if required, each tenant could be asked to sign a waiver that squatters’ rights cannot be claimed due to the change and he requested that the price of renting an allotment be frozen.
In reply, Michael McNamara of Clare County Council claimed there was little point in changing the dates.
“Given that a practical approach is being taken to issues that have arisen following on from the request to the allotment users to vacate their allotment for a month, it is not deemed necessary to change the dates as suggested in the motion.
“In any case, having spoken to some of the users, the same issues are likely to arise if the suggested dates were used. The council is taking advice on the matter and also consulting on the issue with the other local authorities who provide allotments and I am confident that a workable, practical and reasonable outcome will emerge.
“As regards the annual charge, a fee of €40 was payable in 2009 and it is proposed to increase this in 2010 to €45. This compares very favourably with the charge for allotments being provided in Ennis at the present time at an annual charge of €150.”
The allotment scheme opened in April of last year and demand was so great that the 37 allotments were quickly reserved, with another 10 applicants put on a waiting list.

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