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Preparing for a healthier lifestyle

WITH autumn now upon us and dark evenings prompting a more sedentary lifestyle, Shannon Chamber has enlisted the help of sport and recreation expert, Dave Mahedy, Director of Sport and Recreation at the University of Limerick, to help members and business people generally to prepare a personal programme for a healthier lifestyle.

Mr Mahedy will deliver a presentation, entitled ‘Fit for Work, Project Me: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body’ in GECAS Shannon next Tuesdayevening  from 5.30pm to 7pm.   The event is being run by Shannon Chamber, with the support of GECAS, as part of Chamber Week, which runs from  September 16 – 20 nationally.

Making the announcement, Shannon Chamber’s chief executive Helen Downes said, “Summer is a time for the outdoors and exercise comes naturally but it’s difficult to find the routine as we head into winter. It’s easy to fall into a sedentary pattern, yet exercise is so important for our well-being, it relaxes and stimulates the mind. Who better to encourage us to prepare a personal exercise plan than Dave Mahedy.  His achievements in sport and business are commendable, and his enthusiasm about the benefits of exercise and sport is infectious. We’re delighted that he has agreed to address our members on this very important topic.”

“A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body’ is a term we all know well but do we live it?” asks Dave Mahedy.

“Project ‘Me’ is a self-central mission to improve our way of life by understanding the benefits of exercise and putting a programme in place that suits our individual needs. We all take on challenges in work, home and life in general but do we look after ‘No 1’ in the best way possible.  Changing exercise habits can change your life but it takes commitment and enjoyable work. That’s the challenge I will pose to Shannon Chamber members when I address them.”

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